Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Our new toys!

For those of you who know us very well, you know that Mike and I don't always get each other Christmas gifts. A lot of times, we put our Christmas money that we receive together and get something we both want/need. Well, this year...we went all out!! We desperately needed a new computer!! Our laptop has been great and has definitely been through thick and thin with us. But, it is tired and worn out. We've debated on whether or not to replace it and I'm glad we waited. We were able to use Christmas gift money and get a new MAC desktop and it is AMAZING!!!!
Mike became a MAC fanatic when we got our laptop in 2005 and did not want to go back to a PC. I was so glad we were able to get the MAC! It does so many AWESOME things...much more than I even realize! We had a long discussion about whether or not to get a laptop or desktop...if we were going to spend that much money, we wanted to make sure we made the right choice. Although I know we'll miss having a laptop at certain times, the desktop has so much more to offer. Plus...I'm blind!! Well, close to it. :) The large monitor has been such a blessing on my eyes! Once we decided on the desktop, we found a great spot for it. This corner has been useless to us until now.
I have wanted a video camera for a while. I wanted something that used a hard drive so I didn't have to deal with dvds and all the other mess that comes with them. I've really been eyeing the Flip camera. It is small, handy, easy to use...and the quality is really good for what the camera is! No, you wouldn't shoot a movie with it or anything but it will be great to have with Ranston. will fit nicely in my purse!! Hopefully soon you'll be seeing videos in my posts!
I feel very blessed this year and can't wait for 2o1o. I was sooooo ready to see 2008 go...and 2009 has been a great year!! But 2010 will be full of new adventures and blessings!

May your 2010 be full of adventures and blessings!!


Anonymous said...

I love you got a Mac cause i can ichat whooooo whooooo!!

Anonymous said...

ooppsss anonymous is mom lol

Christy K said...

i didn't know you finally got a flip! you'll love it! i'll have mine when you have ranston so i can send dad video. and i like your little desk. is it part of your old one?

Sabrina said...

So exciting! Next year little Ranston will be the one with the cool gifts! Oh, we love our Flip!