Friday, May 28, 2010

Since I always have my phone on me, some pics end up on the phone and not my camera! Some of these are a little old but too cute not to share!

I LOVE the expression on his little face!

Ranston and Samantha napping after Wal-Mart!
First time using his UT paci...he doesn't use it anymore so I'm glad we got this pic!
One of my FAVORITES!
One of his first nights to roll around!
One of the first times he sucked his thumb

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Our iphoto is working!!! YEA!
If you follow me on Facebook, you've probably already seen these pictures...
if not, ENJOY!!
(The caption is below the picture.)

We attended a little league game to watch 2 of our youth...Ranston was suited up in case they needed him to play!
Parker on the left and Aaron on the right.
The boys with Todd (my former boss and Parker's dad).
Jill (in picture below--Todd's wife) got to visit with Ranston during the game. He had lots of fun sticking out that tongue!!

I LOVE this picture!! We had Ranston propped up on the couch while we got things together and he slid down a little bit...his hat fell and it looks like he is napping before the big game with his hat over his face. TOO CUTE!!

We got to spend the day in San Antonio a few weeks ago with our friend Andrew and Katrina. They live in Corpus but had a VBS training in San Antonio and invited us to meet them for lunch on the Riverwalk. It was soooo nice to have a day off and spend it in San Antonio doing whatever. Usually we have an agenda and we don't get to enjoy the city for what it is.
This is from dinner but we took Ranston to Chuy's for the first time!! It was very monumental as you all know we LOVE Chuy's! He's already been back a 2nd time!

The next three are from the River Boat Tour. Mike and Andrew didn't really want to go on it but Katrina and I both LOVE the tour. I think it is such a relaxing thing to do. Andrew (and Ranston) had never been on it so we said it was a must! Ranston slept but I'm sure he'll be on it again in the future. It was pretty bright that day....he made some really cute faces!

As most of you know from a previous post, the bench where Mike proposed (in San Antonio) has been removed and the area has been turned into a water treatment facility. UGH!! We decided to take a picture with Ranston in front of the gate to the facility since we can't get one on the gotta take what you can get!

Our little guy is 3 months old!!!
So...we've been SUPER busy lately and I finally took a quick picture of Ranston with his dino before he turns 4 months old!! I don't know if you can see his facial expression in the 2nd one but he was NOT happy to be taking the picture. the word!
My sister LOVES the movies Grease and Grease 2. We used to sing to them all the time when we were little...thank goodness we didn't know the meaning behind what we were singing! ha!! Anyway, she got Ranston this onesie when he was just a few weeks old...Mike said he can only wear it around her...he isn't a Grease fan! He is almost too big for it now!

Mike graduated from Howard Payne University on May 8!

Ranston watching Daddy cross the stage!!
(held by PoPo)

Mike feeding Ranston in the hotel before graduation.

I know those were a collection of random pics but I had to catch you all up! I'll be sharing about some of our summer activities soon! I'm so excited to not be working this summer!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

WOW!! Things have been busy around here!!
Ranston is now 3 months old!! I'll have his 3 month picture up when I can access my iphoto program. We've been having problems with it for a little over a week now and hope to call about it soon. A few things we've been up to:

Mike graduated!! On May 8, we got to watch Mike walk across the stage at the Howard Payne University graduation. On May 13, the South Texas School of Chrisitian Studies (where the extension of HPU is held) held another graduation ceremony for its students. I'm so proud of him!!

We traveled to Andrews a few days before the HPU graduation to say goodbye to a friend Bobby was killed in a car accident and I'm so thankful I was able to attend his family visitation at the funeral home and his service. Bobby was such a great guy...loving, caring, always happy...he will be greatly missed!!

Ranston was dedicated on Mother's Day! For those not familiar with Baby Dedication, in the Baptist church, we formally dedicate our children to the Lord as babies. This is simply a public promise to be Godly examples to our children as they grow up and to encourage them in the Lord throughout their lives. I'm very thankful that many of our family members were able to attend the service. They will play a part in Ranston's faith as well so it was important to me that they be there.

Everything in between....
We're gearing up for summer which means VBS, mission trip, camp, etc.
It is going to be a busy but summer is always an exciting time in youth ministry. I'm hoping to reconnect with a few girls during the time they are out of school. I am REALLY excited about not working this summer and being able to participate in all the youth activities.

Not that I haven't enjoyed it thus far, but the last week or so has really made me glad that I'm able to stay home. The time I get to spend with Ranston and Mike is priceless. God has blessed our time together and it is amazing!!

I hope everyone is having a great May!! Summer is on its way!!