Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Shout out to my Nana!

I was looking through my old postings and ran across this picture from December 2005. My Nana and Christy share a birthday and we were celebrating them when my Nana put on her birthday princess tiara!! I wanted to honor Nana by sharing the picture!!

My Nana has started following my blogs again. She was one of our strongest followers when I first started this blogging thing. She may not have always understood our decisions but she has always made sure we knew she loved us, supported us, and wanted to hear the latest on us.

We love you Nana!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

One Great Weekend

This weekend was such a blast!! Angela and Brandon came to visit!!The four of us had a great time. We started out the weekend going to a Texas Country concert in Corpus...Aaron Watson, Eli Young Band, and Randy Rogers all on one stage~that's a recipe for a great evening friends!! Here are some pictures of us in the car on our way to the concert.
We HAD to stop by Whataburger after the concert for an early morning snack and got a few more pics. Angela got a kick out of the second one! He has to add his own flair to all of our pictures!
Saturday was a nice, relaxing day. We met Gina for lunch and had such a great time visiting. I've really enjoyed having Gina around. She and I get together at least once a week to hang out and have really gotten to know each other over the last few months. After lunch on Saturday, we headed to San Antonio for a day of relaxation! We stopped by a cute little boutique on the way to San Antonio where Angela and I picked up a few items. The River Walk was beautiful so needless to say, we had a great time.
I was excited to show Angela and Brandon the area that Mike proposed. I couldn't show them the actual spot since they have it all blocked off due to construction. We think our bench is gone forever!! It was still fun to show them the spot where we officially decided to become husband and wife!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

This picture never made it onto a blog and it should have!! So, I thought I'd share it with you all now!

This was taken the weekend Mike had the drainage tubes in his stomach during August-September. I went with him to get his tubes taken out and afterwards climbed up there with him to wait on someone to take him back upstairs. It was really the first time we'd been able to even hug while he was in the hospital. The tubes were so uncomfortable for him. Anyway, the hospital staff let me stay in the bed while they wheeled us upstairs! You should have seen the looks! Everyone just "AAWWW"ed as we went by. Mike's nurse, Kristy, thought we looked so cute so I had her capture the moment!

We had such a good weekend!! We literally did NOTHING...but we did nothing together! We did watch a few movies and played Super Mario Brothers 3!! We've enjoyed having the Super Nintendo hooked up (so has Gina and some of our youth)!!

We had Outreach Visitation last night at church and I was SO proud of our youth! The youth almost outnumbered the adults!! Way to go Grounded Student Ministries!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring has sprung

At least this week in South Texas it has!! It was 76 degrees when I headed to work Monday morning!! 76! at 8:00 in the morning!! We've resisted turning on our AC but we might have to give in soon!

This month hasn't really turned out like I had anticipated but it has still been a good one so far. Several of our visitors had to cancel and although it always bums me to not get to spend time with friends and family, I understand their reasoning. This weekend will be a nice time for Mike and I to relax, catch up on some movies, and I'm tackling our "spare room" (AKA storage/junk room). I'm hoping not to dive too deep into the boxes because I want to relax...but, the room is on a downward spiral of getting out of control!

Then next weekend, ANGELA, BRANDON, and possibly PUMBA are coming to visit YEA!!!!!! I'm super excited! We're going to see Randy Rogers and Eli Young Band (2 of my favs!) on Friday with them and Jim and Gina. I'm excited for Angela and Gina to finally meet! I've talked about them to each other a lot so it will be good for them to put a face (and personality) with the name. And--the weekend will probably include a Chuy's visit!! YUMMY!!

Have any plans for the month??

Friday, March 06, 2009

I'm a blogging fool today!!

I wanted to share a few more pictures today!! This is Heather and Robert. They are some friends of ours that live across the street...I also happen to work with both of them! Robert and I work in the same building and Heather works in another building as a caseworker. Tomorrow is Robert's birthday so we had some dessert and card time today!

Brittany and Jake (caseworkers) joined in on the festivities! They are both a lot of fun to be around and help keep a youthful feel around here!!

The camera LOVES Brittany...what can I say?? lol

and again with the love??

I'm in the army now...

He cracks me up!!! We were in a "trash to treasure" shop (as I like to call it) and Mike found this authentic helmet! He wanted to play the part and I couldn't resist taking pictures!! I heart him!

Randy and Linda came to visit last weekend. We took a day trip to Corpus and had a great time. It was pretty windy but other than that, turned out to be a beautiful day. We enjoyed our visit!!

Mike and I made two additions to our family--Rowdie and Rascal! They were up for adoption at a local vet's office and come from the same owner. She is moving and can't take them with her. Mike wanted a kitten but these two fellas tugged at me...I had to give up a pet once and it turned into a bad situation. I couldn't let these two go through the same thing. So, we brought them both home with us. They are 1 year old, males, and were already named! Rowdie, the orange one doesn't come out to visit often so we figured we should snap a quick picture of him before he went back into hiding. Rascal comes out all the time, which is why I don't have any pictures of him yet! He is in the background of the picture on the right (walking away). He's a gray tabby. Anyway, I don't want to bombard you with pictures of the cats all the time but wanted to introduce you to them! We've enjoyed having them around!!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

It was just yesterday...

I decided to clean out my Saved Mail has some emails that I have absolutely no use for...and many that were fun to read and look at. One included this picture...of me and my sis in August 2006! This was between Atlanta and Brownwood for those of you keeping up! lol...

I found others from friends with updates of where life has taken them. By now, most of them are out of date but it was fun to go back in time and rejoice with them over getting married, moving to a new city, starting their family, etc. Emails like that make me realize once again that I am an ADULT!! Where has the time gone?

It was just yesterday that I was doing fundraisers for my mission I'm the leader of the fundraiser!

It was just yesterday that I dreaded going back to school after lunch on beautiful Spring days!

It was just yesterday that I was packing up for my first big move!

It was just yesterday that Mike and I were newbies on this marriage thing!

It was just yesterday when my sis and I saw each other every day!

It was just yesterday when the gang hung out at Kate's apt playing Cranium!

It was just yesterday when Misty and I took our walks around the church in the afternoons!

It was just yesterday when Angela and I had a "war" with the boys ending in my car getting messed with!!

It was just yesterday when Angela and I walked a few blocks away to go wrapping!

It was just yesterday....wasn't it??

*by the way...I keep thinking of new ones and having to come back to add them!!*