Friday, March 06, 2009

I'm in the army now...

He cracks me up!!! We were in a "trash to treasure" shop (as I like to call it) and Mike found this authentic helmet! He wanted to play the part and I couldn't resist taking pictures!! I heart him!

Randy and Linda came to visit last weekend. We took a day trip to Corpus and had a great time. It was pretty windy but other than that, turned out to be a beautiful day. We enjoyed our visit!!

Mike and I made two additions to our family--Rowdie and Rascal! They were up for adoption at a local vet's office and come from the same owner. She is moving and can't take them with her. Mike wanted a kitten but these two fellas tugged at me...I had to give up a pet once and it turned into a bad situation. I couldn't let these two go through the same thing. So, we brought them both home with us. They are 1 year old, males, and were already named! Rowdie, the orange one doesn't come out to visit often so we figured we should snap a quick picture of him before he went back into hiding. Rascal comes out all the time, which is why I don't have any pictures of him yet! He is in the background of the picture on the right (walking away). He's a gray tabby. Anyway, I don't want to bombard you with pictures of the cats all the time but wanted to introduce you to them! We've enjoyed having them around!!

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