Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A lot has been going on the last week.
My mom came in to town to help with painting and setting up the nursery!
She got to go with me to the doctor and this is what she saw...
(I apologize that they are not very clear)
Ranston's face!! (it is a straight on shot)

His arm and hand!
and a side profile of his face!!

Earlier in the week, Mike (with a tiny bit of help from me...lol) put Ranston's crib together! Isn't it a beaut??
While my mom was here, she, Mike, and Stacy (friend from church) painted the nursery...it isn't quite finished yet but I'll post pictures once it is completed! I'm SO thankful for their help!!
My mom and I indulged in a few of our favorites after I picked her up from the airport.
They had their Pumpkin Spice cake doughnut....YUMM-O!!
Lastly, I'm trying to get better at taking weekly photos of my growing belly! This was at a luncheon for the ladies on staff at the Children's Home. It was held at the home of one of our board members...her home was beautiful! You'll probably have to enlarge the picture to see much but this gives you an idea!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Samantha Lynn is here!
My friend Gina had her baby girl today!
Gina began having complications and was admitted to the hospital Friday for observation. That turned into being in the hospital until Samantha would be born, and she was delivered via emergency C-Section this afternoon (10 weeks early)! Samantha is 2 lbs. 2 oz. and 16 inches long. I've heard from Gina's sister and Mike went with our pastor to visit...all say Gina and Samantha are doing well!
I hope to go visit tomorrow...today is a little hectic in the waiting room from what I hear and from our past hospital experiences, I know that it is nice for some to wait to visit. I'm anxious to meet Samantha!! Gina and I have gotten to expereince most of our pregnancies together and have talked about Samantha and Ranston being friends! She was only supposed to be 6 weeks older than him but now, she'll be 4 months...if Ranston waits his full time!!
Congrats Jim and Gina!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

This has been me for almost my entire pregnancy!! LOL
I completely loose my train of thought or forget what I was doing...I can only blame it on the pregnancy for several more months!
Ranston is now the length of a spaghetti squash!
He is also the size of a papaya.
I attempted a blog entry yesterday....about 4 times...but never could think of something to post! I guess I'm having an uneventful week. We are getting ready for my mom's visit--next weekend!--when we'll get our nursery in order! We worked on it last weekend and got everything out that isn't staying. I looked in there this morning and it is so empty...but then I said, "I can't wait to see this as Ranston's nursery!"
The youth have seemed to enjoy asking me how Ranston is...they call him by name all the time! It's so much fun.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Carrot or Banana...take your pick!

This week, our little fella was compared to a banana and carrot. Obviously, these are mainly in regards to length.

Some of you may know Baby Bryant's name, but for those of you who don't, let me share.

We decided on Ranston Keith Bryant. We wanted a unique name and considered several family names but nothing fit. So, we combined Mike's dad's name (Randy) and my dad's name (Preston) and got Ranston! Keith is a Bryant family name: Mike's grandfather (PoPo...pronounced PawPaw) is Keith, his dad's middle name is Keith, and his middle name is Keith. We found out just recently that his PoPo was named after a family member also. So, there you have it...Ranston Keith Bryant!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

I am SOOOOO excited to start this study with our youth this Sunday night!
There are MANY purity studies out there...and it was hard to decide which one to do...some are GREAT on the physical stuff and others are GREAT on the spiritual stuff...and still others are GREAT on both! So, we decided to start with this one. I plan to do a study for the girls in the near future that focuses on the spiritual side of purity and discusses our view of beauty verses God's view of beauty. I think that will be a great study after this one!
Please pray for our students as they go through this study with us (and Mike and I as we lead them). As far as I know, NONE of them have been through a purity study before!! I want them to understand that it isn't just something they'll deal with at this time in their lives but that living a pure life to God's standards is an ongoing process.

Friday, October 02, 2009

We're having a boy!

That's right! Soon we'll have a little man running around the house!
I'll spare you the "It's a boy!" sonogram picture.
But, here is one of him facedown...you can see his spine pretty clearly!
We weren't able to see much other than that he is a boy, his feet, and a few shots of his entire body. I'll have another sonogram at my next appointment for them to check a few other measurements and hopefully we'll be able to see his face.
We keep his pictures on our fridge. The youth really enjoy looking his pictures!

We had our high school LifeGroups last night when we returned from the doctor. We weren't sure what time we would make it back so Jill (one of our FABULOUS moms...and my boss' wife!) planned on going to the house to let the youth in for their fellowship time. She, her daughter, and our pastor's daughter decorated our house in blue in white!! It was such a fun thing to come home to...Thanks Jill, Lindsey, and Abigail!!
We put our stoller together a few nights ago...I love it!
My Nana (the bestest Nana EVER!) got it for us!
I really like the color green and we decided to pick out a gender neutral stroller, even before we know we were having a boy. I was excited to find one that didn't look like it was trying to be gender neutral.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Interesting little fact about my husband...
he LOVES bagels!
He bought some the other day and I finally remembered to bring one to work for breakfast. I'm glad I remembered when I did...they are going fast! I kind of forgot how much I like a good bagel. I usually buy them and then forget about them until they aren't soft anymore...who wants a dry bagel??
It was a delicious breakfast...blueberry bagel with cream cheese!
Check back tomorrow to find out if Baby Bryant is a boy or girl!