Friday, October 02, 2009

We're having a boy!

That's right! Soon we'll have a little man running around the house!
I'll spare you the "It's a boy!" sonogram picture.
But, here is one of him can see his spine pretty clearly!
We weren't able to see much other than that he is a boy, his feet, and a few shots of his entire body. I'll have another sonogram at my next appointment for them to check a few other measurements and hopefully we'll be able to see his face.
We keep his pictures on our fridge. The youth really enjoy looking his pictures!

We had our high school LifeGroups last night when we returned from the doctor. We weren't sure what time we would make it back so Jill (one of our FABULOUS moms...and my boss' wife!) planned on going to the house to let the youth in for their fellowship time. She, her daughter, and our pastor's daughter decorated our house in blue in white!! It was such a fun thing to come home to...Thanks Jill, Lindsey, and Abigail!!
We put our stoller together a few nights ago...I love it!
My Nana (the bestest Nana EVER!) got it for us!
I really like the color green and we decided to pick out a gender neutral stroller, even before we know we were having a boy. I was excited to find one that didn't look like it was trying to be gender neutral.


Anonymous said...
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The Dodds said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited for you guys!!!