Tuesday, October 06, 2009

I am SOOOOO excited to start this study with our youth this Sunday night!
There are MANY purity studies out there...and it was hard to decide which one to do...some are GREAT on the physical stuff and others are GREAT on the spiritual stuff...and still others are GREAT on both! So, we decided to start with this one. I plan to do a study for the girls in the near future that focuses on the spiritual side of purity and discusses our view of beauty verses God's view of beauty. I think that will be a great study after this one!
Please pray for our students as they go through this study with us (and Mike and I as we lead them). As far as I know, NONE of them have been through a purity study before!! I want them to understand that it isn't just something they'll deal with at this time in their lives but that living a pure life to God's standards is an ongoing process.


Sabrina said...

Yeah! Thanks for all of the blogs I will have to check them out!

You will have to let me know how your study goes. We are starting a guy/girl study also. I'm using a study called "Insider" by Lifeway. It is more about helping girls understand how guys are designed. I think it will be great!

Baby Bryant is sooo cute!!

Have a terrific Tuesday!!

The Sages said...

I did that book and loved it! Its a good choice for a youth group : )