Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring has sprung

At least this week in South Texas it has!! It was 76 degrees when I headed to work Monday morning!! 76! at 8:00 in the morning!! We've resisted turning on our AC but we might have to give in soon!

This month hasn't really turned out like I had anticipated but it has still been a good one so far. Several of our visitors had to cancel and although it always bums me to not get to spend time with friends and family, I understand their reasoning. This weekend will be a nice time for Mike and I to relax, catch up on some movies, and I'm tackling our "spare room" (AKA storage/junk room). I'm hoping not to dive too deep into the boxes because I want to relax...but, the room is on a downward spiral of getting out of control!

Then next weekend, ANGELA, BRANDON, and possibly PUMBA are coming to visit YEA!!!!!! I'm super excited! We're going to see Randy Rogers and Eli Young Band (2 of my favs!) on Friday with them and Jim and Gina. I'm excited for Angela and Gina to finally meet! I've talked about them to each other a lot so it will be good for them to put a face (and personality) with the name. And--the weekend will probably include a Chuy's visit!! YUMMY!!

Have any plans for the month??


Mish said...

I really want to visit soon! I'm glad things are going well. My plans are to get a job & get things in order financially. That's my next plan for life. hehe

Anonymous said...

Hey, Nana can't remember how to do this but will try. I will get Christy to help me next time she is here. Would you believe I have your picture on the frige. The one of you looking at Mike. I think that is the sweetest picture I have of you two. Hope you get this so you will know Nana is thinking about you. Hugs & Kisses