Monday, March 16, 2009

This picture never made it onto a blog and it should have!! So, I thought I'd share it with you all now!

This was taken the weekend Mike had the drainage tubes in his stomach during August-September. I went with him to get his tubes taken out and afterwards climbed up there with him to wait on someone to take him back upstairs. It was really the first time we'd been able to even hug while he was in the hospital. The tubes were so uncomfortable for him. Anyway, the hospital staff let me stay in the bed while they wheeled us upstairs! You should have seen the looks! Everyone just "AAWWW"ed as we went by. Mike's nurse, Kristy, thought we looked so cute so I had her capture the moment!

We had such a good weekend!! We literally did NOTHING...but we did nothing together! We did watch a few movies and played Super Mario Brothers 3!! We've enjoyed having the Super Nintendo hooked up (so has Gina and some of our youth)!!

We had Outreach Visitation last night at church and I was SO proud of our youth! The youth almost outnumbered the adults!! Way to go Grounded Student Ministries!!

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Mish said...

Lovin' the "new look". :-)