Tuesday, June 16, 2009

West Texas, here we come!!

In less than 72 hours, we'll be home!!!
We are both SOOOOO excited to get to take a trip back to West Texas for several days. It has been a while since we were home. Things here have been super busy! VBS is over but Mike has lots of activities for the youth! Monday nights he has an open gym for those that enjoy playing basketball, dodgeball, etc...needless to say, I am sitting that out! Friday afternoons, he has Fridays with Mike...this is a time of crazy games, movies, or just hanging out. Last week, they played water games against another youth group in the area. I heard it was a lot of fun...I stayed dry at work! LOL... July is just around the corner and it is jammed packed with youth activities! CAMP! MISSION TRIP!
Other than youth stuff, Mike and I have enjoyed spending time together in our house...with the change of seasons, we are reminded that we are home owners...we're reminded of the joys that come with that, as well as the responsibilities. Mike has a pretty good system of keeping up with the yard, although it is dying as we speak. We need another good rain to come along! We have gotten to swim a few times this summer! Some members of our church that we've become friends with have a pool they don't use very much. They've told us anytime we want to use it, we are welcome to it! We are SO THANKFUL to them!!
I hope summer is treating everyone well! I'll have tons of pictures to share next week of our trip home! Stay tuned...

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Molly said...

You won a cozy! I'm so glad I got to see you this weekend! Can I get your address to send you your prize? lots of love!