Friday, June 12, 2009

Slime, slime, and more slime!

VBS has come to an end!
It was such a great week and a great time
for Mike and I to get to know some of the kids
and other adults that we never get a chance to be around.
Tuesday night he wore a Skidmore shirt (Skidmore is about 15 miles from Beeville and we have some kids that attend school there.) This was the only purple picture we got!
Wednesday night he wore a Pettus shirt (same as Skidmore but in a different direction)
Last night, he went back to the basics with his VBS shirt!
and the multi-colored hair.
The question of the day everyday was "What color is Mike's hair??"
Just talking...
Pre-Slime...Coach Bryant vs. Professor Wordsmart
The kids brought money each night to go towards a project that is hoping to provide a New Testament for every person in the state of Texas by 2010. The girls money went towards sliming Coach Bryant and the boys went towards sliming Prof. Wordsmart. Overall, the kids raised over $800.00!!! We were all so impressed and blessed!
Nancy got slimed first but they couldn't leave Mike nice and clean!!
Just a side note: Our Pastor (Greg) slimed Mike and my boss (Todd) slimed Nancy!
They were both such good sports!
We wanted a picture but I didn't want to get slimed...

He tried getting me slimy and I told him if I was getting slime on me, I was getting a kiss out of it!


The Sages said...

Yay for sliming Nanc! How fun was that! : )

Parker Life said...

This was great. Miss ya'll and thanks for the encouragement. Take care love ya'll