Friday, January 02, 2009

Friday update

Today has already been full of progress.  Mike is dining on full liquids (broccoli and cheese soup, pudding, ice cream, etc) for lunch and should get to have solids for dinner.  He was a little disappointed at lunch though...they accidentally brought him a tray with blackened catfish and macaroni and cheese!  

He also suffered a great loss...they took away his morphine button!  He will be using pain pills now to manage his pain.  He said he can feel more pain but it is not too bad. Monday is the projected go-home day but we'll see.  The doctors are very pleased with how he is recovering! 

We have been enjoying our time here as much as possible.  Mike's daytime nurse for every day except yesterday has been awesome! She has the most awesome Brazilian accent and is very personable.  We had a visit today from the parents of some FBC Beeville members that we've gotten to know.  Pat's parents live in Grand Prairie and said they'd come visit us since we are so far from family and from Beeville.  We appreciate their visit!

Angela has been such a blessing this week!  During Mike's hospital stay in August/September when they were draining his cysts, Angela was in Lubbock with her little brother who had a bad case of double pneumonia.  She has been up here pretty much every night after work.  She brought me some home-made food yesterday--including black eyed peas--so don't worry Nana!  I got my peas on New Year's Day!  She and I are going to grab a bite to eat tonight at a neat place down the street.  Mike has been very good about me getting out of the hospital every once in a while.  

Hope you all had a good New Year's Eve and day...New Year's day was exactly 6 years since Mike and I had our first date!!  I'm glad we got to spend the entire day together!! :)

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Anonymous said...

I love you guys - you're such a blessing. Can you tell Angela I say Hi and I miss her? Thanks!!!