Wednesday, December 31, 2008

This was Mike around lunch time...he hates it when I pull out the camera but I told him I wanted everyone to see how good he looked!!  He kind of smiled for me!  He is doing really well today. He slept a lot yesterday and last night but felt very good this morning! I slept in the hospital hotel for one more night last night...he called me around 8:15 this morning to see if I was up and he sounded amazing!! I wouldn't have guessed he had surgery 2 days ago when talking to him this morning.

He is supposed to walk 3 times a day today. He walked once this morning and went farther than the occupational therapist said.  She said he was doing great!  He is also doing breathing exercises frequently to help his lungs. Our good friend Patrick (soon to be Dr. Patrick) said that is very important so we'll make sure and keep on it!!

Here's the view from Mike's room. He has a corner room on the 8th floor. I wish it were spring or summer so the trees would all be green but I'll take what I can get. The view at night is pretty neat!  

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Mish said...

Love y'all! Glad he's doing well...