Monday, December 15, 2008

Susie Homemaker

Well, it's finally happened...I am officially Susie Homemaker!!  I didn't realize it until Angela called me Susie today but I have...AND I LOVE IT!!

I spent all weekend baking goodie trays for coworkers, friends, and a little for ourselves and then cooked a good home cooked meal for two of Mike's single friends tonight--chicken fry, home made mashed taters, YUMMY!! It wasn't my best meal but they said if that wasn't my best, they'd love to try my best. It was such a good compliment!

Mike and I are headed to Dallas tomorrow for more tests.  We'll drive to Dallas, have tests Wednesday, have dinner and catch a movie with Angela, and then a scope on Thursday.  We hope to head home on Thursday. 

We are REALLY enjoying things here!  The folks are so encouraging and caring.  Oh, and we got a new couch.  I'll post a picture below. As my dad said, "NOW THAT'S A COUCH!!"  We love to entertain and it has helped. We can sit and chat with people and not be squashed on one couch!!

Well, have a Merry Christmas and keep your eye out for an update of Mike's dr. appt. 



Anonymous said...

Well I'll be durned! We got an update! :-) Diggin' the couch and I'm super happy y'all are happy and doing well - do let us know what's up w/ Mike. Luv y'all!!!

Christy K said...

lol ya it has been a while since there was blog lol. i love the couch! it's a good party couch!! great couch for me kicking ya'lls butt's at scene it...just sayin....