Sunday, November 16, 2008

My blessed weekend!

This weekend was a great one! We started out with dinner and a movie with our friends Robert and Heather on Friday...then Greased Pumpkin with the youth on Saturday (picture). Greased Pumpkin is a game Mike played as a youth and has ALWAYS
 wanted to play with youth groups but has never gotten the chance to play.  It is Ultimate Frisbee that you play with pumpkins covered in Crisco! Lots of fun!

I got to talk to my mom and sister this afternoon on the webcam and was so happy! I've talked to my mom a few times but this time I got to talk to my sister too!! I love the bond my mom, sister, and I have. Talking to them together face-to-face made my weekend! 

I also got to catch up with Angela! I love this pic!  It was taken at the State Fair last month, which reminds me...I need to post those pics! I was excited to chat with her and find out what is new in her life.  Our schedules don't cooperate right now so I cherish the times we get to chat. 


angela said...

Wow, I am looking all sorts of fierce in that picture =) It was good to catch up with you too! It was the highlight of my Sunday!

Christy said...

eewww sister you picked the worst pic of me, you, and mom lol. i like the one from last christmas (i think it was last christmas) lol. i loved getting to chat with you too!!! we shall do it again when i do mom's nails.