Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The BBB (Bryant Bed and Breakfast) is filling up fast!! We have reservations for December, January, February, and even March!! We have folks from as far away as Bogotá, Colombia making reservations!

Okay, so other than my Colombian friend Andrea, everyone else is from West Texas but still, it sounds good! I’m very excited about Andrea’s visit but there are a lot of details to work out. She’s coming to visit West Texas for a month but I won’t be able to go there while she’s there. She is planning on visiting me on her way out of the country though, which excites me!

My other visitors include my sister! My dad! Mike’s parents! Kate and Bonnie (and hopefully a few of the girls!)!! and I’m sure my mom will make a visit or two during those months!!


msb said...

cymbreeeeee!! I miss you and i have missed your calls ... had to stop and get a new phone!! .... and then there was madrigal dinner!! now i'm recovering and can't wait to catch up !! looks like i have missed tooooo much!!

angela said...

You need to for real post a schedule because I don't want to get blocked out of all the good days! =) I am looking forward to a visit!