Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Mike and I signing our papers!!
Our "fireplace" before my mom's visit

and after!!

Another after pic!

Our guestroom

and guess what...we finally got a new car!! It was something we had talked about but hadn't really planned until it happened!  Anyway, we are now the proud owners of a 2009 Nissan Murano!! 


Mish said...

Oh man! I'm so super stoked for y'all! New home, new car! Way to go Bryant's. :-)

christy said...

love what you and mom did to the brick! thank goodness she obsessed with hgtv lol. now i can't wait to move into my house! lol. and i love the vehicle too.

The Wild Curl said...

TOO MUCH TOO SOON! TOO MUCH TOO SOON!!! *LOL* I knew you'd have that house whipped into shape in NO time! I love the color & that fireplace is A-MA-ZA, ZA, ZA-ZING!!! I'm all packed (pfttt) & ready to move into my room! :o)

Vicki H said...

I love the photos, Cymbre. Thanks for sharing your blog with me, and and your friends' blogs, too.

P.S. I saw Diann in Wal-Mart tonight and she is bringing lunch for us at Bible Study tomorrow. We didn't know your home number so thought I'd try this!! See ya tomorrow!