Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hello everyone!  I don't know who all reads this so some of you may already know this info.  Here's the latest on Mike.

Mike had another MRI and scope yesterday to find out the health of his pancreas.  The easy/short version is that his cysts are not refilling but his pancreas does show signs of damage. His pancreas is inflammed and scarred and will not improve on its own. It is causing obstructions to his pancreatic duct, bile duct, and intestines.  Any procedure other than surgery would be a temporary fix.

Mike will be having surgery Monday, December 29 in Dallas.  In an ideal situation, a portion of his pancreas, bile duct, and intestines will be removed and then everything will be reconnected together. There are a few things that Dr. Dickerman will look for once he is in surgery that could cause that to change--blood vessels in the way could cause more damage if the above is done so they will have to go another route.  We met with Dr. Dickerman before we left Dallas yesterday and he explained everything to us. We feel very confident in him as a doctor. He believes Mike will not have any major problems after this surgery. One common problem for patients is developing diabetes, but Mike already has that on his resume! 

He will spend at least 1 week in the hospital and then have a 4-6 week recovery time at home.  Thankfully, he'll be able to do some work from home and can still teach on Wednesday/Sunday nights when he regains strength. He is so ready to begin feeling well again! 

Please pray for Mike's body to react well to the surgery, Dr. Dickerman and his team, that the doctors will find an ideal situation during surgery, for Mike's spirits to remain positive during his hospital stay...and all of ours as well!!

Any of you new to our hospital visits, the hospital does not have internet available other than in their library.  They are only open for specific hours during the day and it is not always possible to get an update out as often as I'd like.  I will do my best to keep everyone updated often.  Also, cell phones work well in the patient rooms but not so well in waiting rooms and such that are located on the interior of the building, so please keep that in mind if texting.  Also, if you plan on texting and have Mike's number, text his phone--he has a lot more unused texts than I do!! I'll have his phone with me! Thanks!  

Thanks for all the thoughts, prayers, and words of encouragement.

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