Monday, September 22, 2008

Well, the time has finally come for us to know for sure if Mike will be a full-time youth pastor...

...with an almost unanimous vote, Mike was hired as the new youth pastor at First Baptist Church in Beeville!! We had such a great weekend and met some wonderful people. Although we are always sad about leaving our friends and family in West Texas, we are super excited about this part of our journey!

Mike's first official day will be October 16 (my birthday!) so we will be leaving Midland Monday, October 13...that gives us 3 full weeks here to say goodbye! We are moving out of our apartment this weekend and will be staying with our AMAZING friends, the Swanson family until we leave on the 13th. We have SO much to do this week to get out of our apartment but are hoping to have a little free time once October starts.

We are getting close to knowing where we'll live and I'll share that once it is more official. We REALLY want to have TONS of visitors so PLEASE let us know if you want to come visit!! We have a spare room and would love to see ya!

On a "how's Mike" note, he is doing so well in regards to his pancreas! He hasn't had any problems and will go back October 2 for his stint to be removed and for them to check out his pancreas. Unfortunately, he did get sick with bronchitis last week and was sick this weekend...but he did great speaking with everyone and sharing his testimony in church! He's been to the doctor and is on his way to being better!

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