Friday, September 26, 2008


It is not a secret that I haven't enjoyed living in our apartment from Day One...and guess what! The feeling has not changed! lol...we will finish up our packing tonight (or maybe tomorrow right before the movers show up) and I'm not really sad AT ALL! I've shed an inner tear when we left other places we've lived because they've had some effect on me but not apartment 242...Good riddance!

Have you ever been glad to see the end of something...the end of a job? the end of a relationship? the end of a residence? Please share...


Christy K said...

lol! I think I'm going to feel the same way to apartment can't wait to leave. I hate not having friendly neighbors.

KATE said...

*sigh* I miss my home... I loved my townhouse. You met your husband there. *LOL* I'm saddened by the change, but praying so diligently for joy in the new apt with its golden light!

Your new home will have the same light. I just know it.

Save me a wall for BRIGHT, RED PAINT!