Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I know this sounds cheesy we bought a webcam yesterday! lol... Our mac computer is kind of old so it doesn't have the camera installed like the new ones, and my mom and his dad have new macs so we wanted to be able to chat with them LIVE once we move!!

We set up the camera last night and visited with Randy and Linda (Mike's dad and step-mom) last night and it was so much fun! I think they were really surprised at how much better it was than even talking on the phone! I'm so excited about being able to SEE them while we talk! I think it will help a lot with helping me not be as homesick. So, anyone who has ichat using aim, or I think you can with regular aim, let me know! We can chat LIVE too!

I'm beginning to prepare to move in a nesting type of way! lol...I hope to use birthday money to get a new digital camera (ours is M.I.A.) so I can send lots of pics of our new home and fun experiences (Mike going to the beach for the 1st time) home to everyone! I've also added a digital camcorder to my Christmas wish list so that I'll have it for when we have kids!! I don't usually have anything I want for Christmas so my family will be glad that I have something on my wish list this early!!

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