Friday, September 19, 2008

So, I'm sitting here waiting on Mike to pick me up...I never thought this week would end!! It's about time! We are headed to Beeville for things to become official...the church will vote Sunday morning on hiring Mike so when we head home, we'll know if we are moving in a few weeks.

We'll be doing several things while we are there...looking at a possible rent house to live in until we can buy our FIRST HOUSE and meeting with a potential future employer for me!! YEA!

It is so crazy how things get built up in our heads...we are filled with anticipation, aren't we? When I read Molly's blog, she reminds me of the anticipation of getting married. MAN! That was such a great time of anticipation! and Kate...she was getting ready to make a move across town for the 1st time in 8 years! I haven't lived in one place much longer than 8 months since I moved out of my dad's house! lol...

There is always anticipation in our lives and I think that's good. I think our lives should change and things should be different but if you aren't able to enjoy your life the way it be shouldn't anticipate something new happening! Have a great weekend!

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