Sunday, September 14, 2008

Well, I'm sure you all thought I'd already forgotten about my blog! Since that seems to happen once things settle...but, things aren't quite settled!

Mike is feeling REALLY WELL and will be venturing to work tomorrow. We are finally sleeping through the night...the first few nights home were rough! I know you are all about Beeville so here's the latest!

We are headed back this weekend (September 20 and 21) for the official "in-view-of-a-call." For those non-Baptists (or Baptist that don't know this lingo), this will be where the church votes on hiring Mike. They will have a meet and greet time on Saturday for the church members to come meet us. On Sunday, Mike will give his testimony during the morning service. Following the service, the church will vote and we will know before we leave church Sunday morning! We are so excited!!

I have a lead on a job but won't say much until I know more. I'm hoping to have an "unofficial" interview this weekend. We'll see!

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Feather Lynn said...

Your move to Beeville is bitter/sweet for me. I am so extremely happy for you, but so extremely sad that you will be moving....I know, I will have a place to go visit, but it is still so far away. I know we don't see each other as often as I would like, but it will just be different with you being hours away vs. 20 mins away!!!! Anyways, an unofficial congrats and let me know as soon as you know!!!!