Tuesday, June 13, 2006

It was brought to my attention that I have been neglecting my blogspot blog...I am a myspace addict!! Although I don't blog on that, I have been checking it instead of this! SOOOOOOOO, here's a new blog to catch EVERYONE up!!

We have moved back to west Texas (Andrews to be exact). We aren't sure if it will be temporary or long-term but for now, we are staying with my Nana until we have definite plans! No need in getting locked into a lease somewhere!! Mike's job was being cut short and due to having several weddings to attend during June, we decided to leave Woodstock at the end of May. We got back into Andrews Labor Day weekend and Mike got a summer job at a local hardware store our first week here. It isn't quite what he wants to be doing but it will work until we figure out what we'll be doing next. I am filling in for my mom at her office while she is on vacation and have applied for a case worker position with MHMR and a local bank, both in Andrews. We will see if anything happens with those!

Let me explain about the "what we'll be doing next." Mike has his resume in at a couple churches in the area. We don't know anything about the direction they are going with the search and are trying to keep from getting tied down somewhere in case God moves us to one of these churches! Howard Payne University began an undergraduate program through Midland College last semester and if we stay in the area, Mike will start there in August. He has taken classes through HPU's certificate program that they have in Midland since High School and really enjoyed them.

We have REALLY enjoyed being home...you don't realize how much things mean to you until they aren't there. I know I have truly realized the value of family through the past 10 months. Without the support of our families, we COULD NOT have survived...physically, emotionally, spiritually, or financially...our exprience this year!

Anyway, we are doing GREAT and just enjoying being home and surrounded by our friends and family! By the way...the picture at the top is from Michael Peterson's wedding....CONGRATULATIONS MICHAEL AND AMANDA!!!


Kate said...

FANTABULOUS picture...but...uhhhh....you don't live in Georgia anymore. YOU'RE HOOOOOOOOOOOME!!!! WA HOOOOOO!!!!!!! I can't wait to see ya Saturday! We may have to discuss some shooshting & schmelting... *LOL* Blessings & happiness by the truckloads.

BTW, Patrick, Good luck in Med School. I hope you LOVE Galveston!

Dawn Welch said...

Hey Guys,

I am so happy that you are both home with family and friends but I am sad because we all miss you. I can't see what God is going to do next in your lives. You are in our thoughts and Prayers.

Dawn, CJ, and Bettie Welch

Cory T. said...

I'm so glad you guys are doing well. Sorry about the other day on the phone Mike, some things came up and I haven't been able to call you back yet. Hopefully we'll get to talk soon.