Thursday, July 20, 2006

I didn't want to post anything until it was official...if you've kept up with us, you know things change CONSTANTLY...Mike and I finally got to move into my Nana's mother-in-law house!! Just in case you don't know what a mother-in-law house is, it is a smaller house back behing a main house. Anyway, the tenant moved out July 15 so we got to move in Tuesday and are so excited to have our own place. We have lived with someone in many different situations since September! Anyway, it is a one bedroom, one bath house. We have a very SMALL backyard (which Mike is happy about!) and our own carport!

Other news about us: Mike is still working at Clark's hardware and I'm still at Tessco. I am planning on subbing once school starts and know that will keep me busy! Nothing much new in this area right now!!

We were so happy to get to go visit Mike's grandparents this past weekend. They live in the hill country and it is so nice to get to visit with them, play cards, and just relax! Although, we were more active this time than in the past. We drove down Thursday night after we got off, played golf Friday, played LOTS of cards Friday and Saturday night, then went to church with them Sunday morning and headed home Sunday evening. It was a great time!! I'll add some pictures below of our trip. Not many but a few! Hope everyone is having a great summer! Thanks for checking in on us!!

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