Monday, May 01, 2006



I'm so excited that Angela is getting to come visit us before we move...she'll be here May 14 at 5 and I'm counting down! I don't know if the ATL can handle us!! lol...I have all sorts of stuff planned! CAN'T WAIT!!!

Mike and I were leaders for a Disciple Now weekend this weekend in Griffin, GA (by Hampton) and we had an AMAZING weekend! I had high school girls and they were AMAZING and Mike had 7-8th grade boys...we both had a good weekend leading them to learn the basics of Christianity!

We got to go golfing Friday afternoon in Griffin and man, was it an experience! Mike and I both love to golf but had never golfed together. We hit range balls once but never played. Anyway, Georgia courses are STUPID! lol...they have hills and lots of trees and water! In west tx, if your balls go out of bounds,you can look for them. NOT IN GEORGIA! Out of bounds is full of trees, bushes, and all sorts of critters! I lost two balls in the trees and one to a snake on hole 2. The snake slithered at me when i was trying to get my ball out of the bank of a creek....i decided it wasn't worth it. I called my dad from hole three to gripe about Georgia courses after I had to hit a ball on the side of a hill and the slant nearly made me fall and roll! lol...but after i called him, things got better. The land flatened out and we started remembering how to in all, we did OK for not playing in a while but more than how we played, we had a GREAT afternoon together. It was a nice way to start the weekend. I only wish I had taken my camera! Those would have been great pictures!

We are starting to finalize everything with the move and it's a bit more stressful than the other moves. Gas is going to KILL us...God has been taking care of us little by little already concerning the move so I know it will all work out! If anyone can help us unload into a storage room on memorial day (Monday, May 29) we can use all the help we need. It shouldn't take long!!! Anyway, better get back to work...i'm doing data entry for the tape ministry today!! yea!!

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