Saturday, April 22, 2006

Texas bound!

Hello all! We have some more big news! I know we've had a lot the past 9 months! and no, I'm not expecting!! ha ha!!

God has revealed to us that our time in Woodstock, Georgia is coming to an end! Mike's job at First Baptist Woodstock has been shortened to the end of June...however, after much prayer, thought, and planning, we feel we should leave the end of May/beginning of June. Mike's best friend, Michael, is getting married during June and the combination of Mike missing camp due to the date and the amount it would cost to fly back, we don't feel it beneficial to anyone for us to stay until the end of June.

My nana has a mother-in-law house behind hers and the man who has been renting it for the past several years just HAPPENS to be moving out during June, so she has been GREAT and said we can live there (in Andrews). As far as long term stuff, we aren't sure what will happen, but moving home in May/June will allow us to figure out where we will go next. Mike has his resume in at several churches and there is one that we feel strongly about! But, there is a waiting game! We will let you know if anything happens and about mike's school when God reveals it to us! There are a few options for Mike's schooling if we stick around West Texas.

There is one thing I wish for everyone to know...Mike and I continue to feel that we obeyed God's call for us by moving to New Orleans AND Woodstock. There have been SOOOOOOOO many things that we have learned and been challenged with that wouldn't have happened if we hadn't followed his will. I don't know what God has in store for us next but I know it will be AMAZING! I was always taught about abandoning everything and following Him but was never truly forced until August 2005 and even more so in September 2005. These 9 months have been some of the most intense, hurtful, stressful, amazing, blessed, and eye opening months of our lives and we will NEVER forget them! I've said all that to say this: our decisions may not make sense to some of you, and that's OK. Some may wonder why we even moved in the first place if we would just move back in 10 months...all I can say is I am so glad Mike and I followed our God's direction. We will be returning to West Texas changed people, individually and as a couple. It is amazing what God can do when we get out of our comfort zones and follow Him.


Mish said...

Wow Cymbre...that was an absolute awesome blog. :-) I really enjoyed it. I totally agree with you on the decisions of moving. It is really strange...God's timing and such...but He always has a reason and our questioning it just makes it harder for us. I'm just comforted through your words today. I needed to hear some of the things you said. I won't tell you details, but God used your voice to encourage me. Thank you. I love you and Mike. I hope the next month or two aren't too stressful w/ moving and stuff. Mish

Kristen said...

Hey Mike and Cymbre! I am so excited that you both are moving back to Texas! I will be praying for you both in the stressful moving period and with the job hunt.

God Bless,

Anonymous said...


We am sooooo glad that y'all are moving back to Texas!

We have missed you both more than words can say.

Randy & Linda

Christy said...