Monday, January 11, 2010

5 Weeks and counting!!!

While I was home (in Midland) for my baby shower in November, I had a few pictures taken of my pregnant tummy! I was just ending my 2nd trimester so I definitely wasn't at my peak size wise but it was a great chance to get some pictures!
Mike and I loving on the baby bump!

Just me and Ranston!

I've LOVED this experience!
My mom, sister, Nana and I...
The ladies loving on my bump!
I love my Nana!!
...and of course I heart my mommy!!
I'm so excited that Ranston will have my sister as his Auntie Christy!!
Even if she does spoil him!!
This was a hilarious picture to take!! I love them soooooo much!
All three of them are coming down for my shower at our church this weekend. It will be so great having all three of them at my house!! The four of us don't get to do much together so it will be such a treat!! All pictures from my Midland trip (above and others that will be shared soon) were taken by Miss Kate!! She's been our go-to photographer since our wedding!! I'm so glad she's been a part of our lives to capture so many moments!!
Coming soon!!
Pictures from our AMAZING Disciple Now Weekend!!

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Anonymous said...

My new fav scripture is Proverbs 17:6 and while you are there Craig's is Proverbs 16:31 Love to the 3 of you!! Mom