Wednesday, December 16, 2009

You may be wondering, what's going on in the world of the Bryants??
If not, too bad, I'm going to tell you anyway!

Mike and I have been finishing up our semesters at school and are both SO glad to be finished.
I took 2 online courses towards my teacher certification and will take a break until next Fall. It was a little harder going back to school after being out for 4 years...but I'm pretty sure becoming pregnant after I had decided to go back didn't help! My mind was preoccupied with baby stuff so it was hard to concentrate on school. I am very pleased with my grades though!
Mike had a pretty tough courseload this semester and is EXTREMELY glad it is over! He is set to graduate in long as he is able to take the classes he needs. We will both be so excited for him to have his Bachelor's degree finished. He will most likely start his seminary work in the Fall so he won't have much of a break but at least he'll be working towards a new goal. I'm so proud of him for continuing to pursue his Bachelor's degree. It is a great accomplishment!!
Last weekend was full of activities! Friday night was a benefit concert for the Children's Home. There is a family here that does a Christmas program with all the contributions going to the Children's Home. They are a very talented family and it is such a great thing for them to give of their time and talents to honor God. I like to call them the Von Trapp family because there are at least 6 kids and they are ALL musically talented!
Saturday was a time to celebrate Samantha Lynn - the daughter of our good friends Jim and Gina. The church had a shower for Gina. It was a nice time to get to visit with her and shower her with goodies! Samantha was born 10 weeks premature on October 19. Her due date is coming up December 28. She is doing GREAT!! She's been home for a few weeks now and hasn't really had any complications. Gina is doing great as well. Our God is an amazing God and I've been reminded of that through Gina and Samantha's story.

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