Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend update

I had such a great weekend! I went home for a family event so I didn't get to see everyone back home...but, I did get some good quality time with my mom and sister!!
Christy picked me up from the airport Friday night (@ 10:00 pm!!) with Angela riding along to surprise me! Her nephew's birthday party was this weekend so she left Saturday morning to visit her family. I was so glad to get to see her, even if only for the drive back to Andrews!
This was taken just before bed (about 12:30!) so excuse the sleepy faces!
My birthday isn't until October but my sis wanted to see me open my gift so I got it early! YEA!!
I love perkilators! I have NO idea if that is spelled correctly!
My Nana gave me one of hers years ago and I love it!
I think it is the concept of it...this is a stove top version from Paula Deen.
I'm excited to try it out!
Saturday was a FULL we are ready to start the day!
We went to register for some baby things at 2 of the gift shops in Andrews since I won't be back until my shower. These are dressy coats for little girls!! Aren't they adorable??
Later in the day, we met my mom for pedicures!
We went to an actual spa and were pampered beyond our belief!
They served Starbucks drinks so I was super pumped!
A relaxing pedi and Starbucks!! What could be better??
Sadly though, they didn't have decaf!!
I already planned to have a Coke at dinner and am watching my caffiene so I stuck with the water. I did get some decaf Starbucks later that night.
My mom getting her special treatment!
My sister got a manicure instead of a pedicure...we didn't get pictures of her though! :)
Anyone from Andrews can appreciate my next picture...we went to La Ha!!
(The official name is La Hacienda!)
I realized a while back that usually only people from Andrews really enjoy La Ha. A group from Midland went with us Andrews folks once and they didn't get what the big deal was! Oh well, more for me!
I think it is funny how people seem to ALWAYS get the same thing when they go. My plate pretty much always looks like this starting out!
My cousin's girlfriend and daughter met us. Rori is such good entertainment! She turned 1 in May and has such a fun little personality! My Nana fed her Tres Leches cake...I think she liked it!

And we tried to get the sopapilla away from her but that wasn't going to happen!
I also got to meet my newest relative, Drake!
He is my cousin Sumer's son and was born in July.
I was so excited to get to see him and her new house.
and yes, everyone...I know I need the practice of holding the baby!
Another Andrews MUST is Buddy's steakfingers!
I tried to take a picture of a single steakfinger...a friend of mine in Beeville didn't understand how they were round instead of square (like DQ's). My sister and I found out really quick that a single steakfinger isn't very appealing! LOL So, I'll stick with the entire order pic!
Yo Yo came to see me off at the airport!!
All she wanted to do was come out and play but we didn't think that'd be a good idea! LOL

The weekend was great! The family thing went great! I know I didn't get to see some of you but I hope you understand that my time was spent with family---and I was only in West Texas for 41 hours!!

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christy k said...

i had a great time sister! and my plate is the exact same everytime i go to la ha too. i don't think i've ever gotten anything different lol. i hope you love your coffee maker! i can't wait to have a cup of joe from it!