Thursday, February 26, 2009

What better to do?

Today is a slow day at work so what's better than to do a little blogging??

I didn't mention this in my last post but my dad and sister both visited during February!! I didn't get any pics of their visits though. Things worked out dad came to visit on a Saturday through what we thought would be Thursday morning. He drives a truck so his schedule is up to his company. Anyway, the day before my dad got into town, my sis decided to visit the next weekend. So my dad was supposed to leave on Thursday morning and Christy would get here Thursday afternoon. Well, my dad ended up not leaving until Friday night so I got to spend time with both of them at the same time!! We always have fun together so it was a great surprise!!

Christy is coming back in March for about 6 days! I'm very excited! March will be full of visitors--Christy, Kate, Angela, Brandon, my mom!! March will also hold a bring-your-own-meat cookout for the 20-somethings at our church, a youth fundraiser for camp, 2 concerts, a Chuy's visit (only the best restaraunt ever!!...okay, maybe not ever...but it is still really good!), Mike's 2nd post-op follow up visit, starting LifeGroups for our High School youth, Spring, I'm exhausted just thinking about it!


Christy K said...

i hope i'm involved with the chuy's yum o

Anonymous said...

Hey! I saw Brandon the other day @ On the Border - he's lookin' so diff! :-) Thanks for your calls & texts of late - they're appreciated. Just tough times right now, but I'll give you a call when I have some downtime...