Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Andrea's visit

My friend Andrea came to visit on her U.S. tour!! She is from Colombia and was an exchange student my senior year. We became good friends through our Spanish 4 class and I even got to visit her in Colombia before I started college. She went back to Andrews to visit and I'm so glad she was able to come to South Texas before she headed back to Colombia!!

When we picked her up in San Antonio, we stopped by the RiverWalk for dinner...she LOVED the RiverWalk and it was so fun to get to share that with someone! The RiverWalk is very special to Mike and is where he proposed!!

We took her to see the Texas coast on was such a beautiful day. The weather was PERFECT!!! We some things in Corpus we'd never seen so now we know where they are!!

Chili's was her last stop for American cuisine!! I enjoyed getting to see her and catch up. Even though I feel we've keep in contact pretty well, it was nice to see her in person and be able to catch up. She's starting her residency as a dr. so she'll be super busy. I'm glad I got to see Dr. Andrea!! She is so dear to my heart and I'm glad Mike got to meet her and spend time with her. Hopefully we'll see each other again some day...

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That's awesome! :-)