Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday, 2:05 update

Hi everyone!! I'm excited to say that as I was showing my mom how to find a wireless signal on her laptop (she usually uses an Alltel signal), I found a wireless at the hospital!!! YEA!!! They must have decided to add one since our last trip.  I tried using Mike's work computer and did have problems but I'm hoping my laptop will work once my mom leaves tomorrow.  
As of right now (2:05 p.m.), Mike is in surgery and doing well.  We have been getting hourly phone calls letting us know that he is still doing good.  That has been so nice. The surgery will be a long one so the hourly update has been a lifesaver!  
Mike will probably stay at least one night in ICU for monitoring and then move to a regular room.  They hope to have him up and walking (not fast or far) in a day or so.  His incision is going to be pretty big...his entire abdomen area running up and down.
That's about it for now.  I'll try and update often as long as I can get the wireless signal.  You should have seen my excitement to know it is there!!  I'm including a pic of us before he headed off!! Isn't he cute in his little surgery cap!

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Mish said...

Hey!!! Thanks for updating us!!!