Monday, October 20, 2008






**Sorry for the format on this blog...I wanted to get it posted and don't have the patience right now to make it pretty!!**

The goodbyes were a bit harder and a bit easier this time around!  We got to spend a year getting reacquainted with those we had lost touch with and also gained a few new friends, which made it hard to say goodbye! It is always hard to goodbye but there was so much to look forward to and so many friends expressed a desire to visit us...I hope that happens because we love houseguests!! and...we want our West Texas friends to ALWAYS be a part of our lives.  

I got several pictures of our goodbyes witth different people. Unfortunately, I didn’t get pictures with everyone so please don’t feel left out!  That just means we have to see each other again to get a picture!

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Tamisha said...

I can visit?! lol For reals...I am barely adding a link to your blog on mine! I'm sorry....never again will you go unread...;-)