Saturday, October 18, 2008

I’m on the airplane to Dallas to meet my sister for our weekend together and I’m FINALLY getting a chance to type a blog! I decided to go ahead and type it up, then transfer it online...that seems to be the only way I can get it done these days. 

I’m hoping to post several blogs this weekend so make sure you read all of them!

We have had quite a time the last 3 weeks...Mike performed 2 weddings, we saw LOTS of friends and moved! We were able to unload our belongings into our future home but because we haven’t closed yet, we can’t unpack or live there!  We are staying in a very nice travel trailor unti we are able to close, which should be Wednesday!!  That’s the over-all for some details and pictures!!

I was so excited that Mike was able to perform a wedding ceremony for my friend Leslie and her now

 husband Cody!!  This was thrown together so fast so that Mike could officiate before we moved but it was intimate, personal, and BEAUTIFUL!!  Leslie and Cody--we were so blessed to be a part of your day! We pray you have a wonderful life together!!

The following weekend Mike had the honor of marrying my sister’s friend (and mine!) Robbie and Jage. This one was planned for a while and was what helped keep us in West Texas a little longer!!  Jage and Robbie had a a great ceremony--despite the wind--and we enjoyed celebrating with them afterwards! We didn’t get a picture while we were all dressed up but glad we got a picture.  Jage and Robbie--thank you both so much for letting us be a part of y’alls day and for all the encouragement! We are excited for you! 

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