Monday, September 08, 2008

Well, we ended up staying over the weekend so they could monitor Mike a little more...he finally got to eat solid food!!! YEA!! The dr. said his CAT Scan showed the cyst has drained A LOT and he wanted to give the cyst more time to drain. He should be removing the cathedars before we head home which is a HUGE blessing!! Neither of us were excited about having to take care of them!!

My sister came to visit this weekend!!! We didn't have much time together but the time we did have was much needed! We spent time playing cards and beating Mike! stuff... Mike couldn't let me take a pic without "waving" to everyone!

As everyone would guess, Mike has been doing his card tricks for all the nurses!! After several days of doing them in his room, we were passing the nurse's desk when a past nurse that didn't get to see the tricks said she heard he did card tricks!! Of course, that opened the door for him to do a few!! They were AMAZED! At one point, he had 4 nurses watching a a doctor watched from far away...his nurse ended up taking his vitals while we were standing there! :) He was pretty pooped after standing for a while to do the card tricks though. That was after we went downstairs to play cards at an open sitting area!

We hope to hear from Dr. T soon! We know everything is looking good...just not sure if they are good enough to get discharged today!
Oh!! AMAZING news on Ryan...he got moved to a regular bed (I think on Friday) and was told he'd get to go home sooner than expected! I don't know any details...with Angela and I both at hospitals, we've been communicating as much as possible through texts but it is tough! PRAISE GOD that Ryan is doing well!!!!


Christy K said...

I had so much fun too! And I wish I had come on maybe Friday so we could beat Mike more times at cards! lol And I think I'm up to Chuy's again. It took me a couple of days to recover lol. Love and miss ya'll!

Feather Lynn said...

LOL....too funny!!! I can just see Mike getting all excited about doing those card tricks. It is great that Christy got to come visit. My sister and I drove to Abilene to get my brother and he is home!!!!! He is at my moms and has an interview tomorrow at the company my dad works for, so be in prayer that he finds a job and quickly so we can get things going here!!!!