Friday, September 05, 2008

In case you forgot what we looked we are!! Now, keep in mind that we've been away from home 15 days as of today and at the hospital/hospital hotel for 10 of those days!!

It was brought to my attention yesterday that I should explain the cathedars that were inserted into Mike's abdomen. They are not the same cathedars they use for bladder purposes. I took a few pictures to show everyone what they look like. If you have a weak may not want to look!! I'll put them at the bottom of the posting.

Good news!! Mike should be getting discharged either today or tomorrow!! We'll spend a night the day he is discharged and then fly home the next day!! He is about to have another CAT Scan done to see how much the cyst has decreased since the cathedars were inserted. Also, Dr. T tried to do a scope to see if his pancreas was damaged and needed to be operated on...things were still too tight with the cyst in there for him to see the pancreas. We will have to come back in 3-6 weeks to have the cathedars removed and he will look at the pancreas then. By that point, the cyst should be drained. Good news though...Dr. T said the fluid that is draining does not look like it is coming from the pancreas which is a good thing!!! If it was coming from the pancreas, that would cause them to have to take out part of the pancreas.

I won't be able to post again today unless we find something out before 4:00 (when the computer lab closes) and it is closed tomorrow so hopefully I'll be posting from Dallas Love Field next!!!

These are the cathedars. This is where they are inserted.


Feather Lynn said...

Ok...the pic helps alot. It is so much more clear in my mind now. If you could have seen my face when you told me they cathaders would have to stay in that long you would have died laughing. Oh how confused I was!!! Mike looks like he is feeling pretty well! Can't wait to have you guys back home and see you on the 14th!!!

Love ya, Feather

Kate said...

My love, I'm praying for you both. Tell Big Jerkface Bob I'm ready for him to be finished with all this silliness, so you can come home. Bonnie's about to have a nervous breakdown over both of us missing CBS. *LOL*

I love you. I'm praying for you with my heart & soul. I am totally relieved Dr. T has given you such great attention! He's in my prayers as well.

Be safe. Can't wait for you to come see the new digs. Love you!