Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pre-Surgery, Post Dr. visist

We met with the doctor today and there are a few things we weren't expecting. Once they begin the procedure tomorrow, they will look to see what is causing the cysts. It is filled with fluid from the pancreas but they do not know how or why the fluid is filling the cysts. There are a few possibilities and I don't know how to explain them. But, if the cause is one option, they will have to remove a portion of his pancreas or the cysts will continue to return. Dr. Tarnasky said the removal will not be as serious as it could be since Mike is already diabetic. If they find that this is necessary, they will wake him up and we will discuss options. He indicated that the removal surgery could happen quickly. The recovery is one week. I'm not sure if that is one week in the hospital or just one week out of work, in bed, etc. If the removal is not necessary, they will insert a stent. Dr. Tarnasky said they will keep him in the hospital overnight to make sure the procedure does not cause pancreatitis. Thankfully, we are currently staying in the hospital hotel so I will be able to stay in our room and still be close.

Also, PLEASE keep my dearest friend Angela and her family in your prayers...her little (19 year old) brother was rushed to the hospital in Lubbock about an hour ago with double pneumonia!! He was not concious when he was taken to the hospital and I know her family would appreciate ALL prayers!!!!! Thank you all so much!!!


Feather Lynn said...

Hey honey,

I will be praying for you and Mike and Angela's family. I am happy that you got some much needed rest, time with Mike and with Angela. I know you needed that visit with her. God Bless and much love, Feather

Kate said...

Hey lil' lady! Everything is going to work out GREAT! God is sovereign & He knows you are His servant. Mike's going to be back to Biggest Jerkface status in no time. In the meantime, you're in my thoughts & prayers as this weekend unfolds. TAKE A DEEP BREATH...this is about God's will....BREATHE CYMBRE...

I text msg'd Angela this morning, but haven't heard back. I'm praying for Ryan. I love you guys. Punch Jerkface Bob in the arm for me. CBS begins tonight & so does my move--WE HAVE BIG PRAYERS on the way! I love you guys so much. I'll be in touch later today! :o)