Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mike is in his MRI right now so I don't have much time! The hospital doesn't have wireless so we can't use our laptop...BUMMER!! The hospital does have a library/computer lab area that I can use but it is only open from 9-4:30!!

The trip has been a good one so far! Monday and Tuesday were really nice and we both kind of forgot that the medical portion of our trip was coming up! I had a GREAT time with Angela...we hadn't gotten to spend time together in a while so it was very refreshing. Plus, I got to see her new apartment and it is so cute!! She has THE BEST you know I took a bath!!

We are staying at the hospital hotel and it was nice to wake up and walk through the hospital to radiology this morning rather than having to fight traffic, park, etc. It will be really nice in the morning!! We are meeting with the doctor this morning at 10:30 and the surgery will be in the morning at 8...we have to be there at 6 though!!

Tonight should be a good mom and Mike's dad and Linda are all coming in this afternoon. We'll have some time to spend together before the surgery. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!!


Molly Kate said...

prayers are with you. love y'all!

Molly Kate said...
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