Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Great is Thy Faithfulness

That is the phrase you see when first entering our apartment. Mike and I took a small trip for our anniversary...we like to get something on our trips to remember that time in our lives. Since we really didn't know what the gift for a 4th anniversary would be (paper? aluminum? silver? lol) we decided on a wooden sign. This sign symbolizes so much for us.

I find it so rejuvinating to look back at our 4 years as a married couple. We have had so many opportunities to praise God for all He has done. Others do not always understand why we continue to follow God and take steps that are out of our comfort zone. Throughout our adventures, there is one thing that has remained...God is faithful! GOD IS FAITHFUL! I love that MY GOD IS FAITHFUL!!

Praise God, for HE is faithful!

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