Thursday, July 10, 2008


The MIKEANDCYMBRE blog is back in session!!

I'm not sure why I abandoned the blogspot...maybe it was that my life seemed more under control and didn't require as much communication...maybe I just got lazy...who knows! No matter the cause, I'm hoping to be more proactive about writing.

If you're reading this, feel priveleged! I'm not "shouting it from the rooftops" that I'm using the site again. Mike and I have always had so many people involved in our lives (not in a bad way) and I'm beginning to see the beauty of not sharing EVERYTHING with EVERYONE! It is a hard habit to break! I run into people from my past and don't hesitate to share all of our current details with them...I guess I've always been like that! Knowing that only a "few" of you know that I'm updating the blog, I feel good about sharing...but I'm also not naive to think stuff on here is private. lol...

Anyway, Mike and I are excited to say that God may be leading us to a new destination. He has interviewed with a church in South Texas and they are doing further reference checking. We hear this is normal from some of our minister friends. It's nice to have people who know how things go with ministry! Sometimes it's like Greek to me! :)

Well, this is it for my first posting back...hope you all enjoy!

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