Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Well, my sister has been back in Texas for about an hour and a half now and I miss her already!! We had a GREAT time together and can't wait until we get to hang out again! Here are some pics of her trip. She got to go with me to our Ladies Night Out at church to hear Candace Cameron Bure from Full House share her testimony...she did a GREAT job!!

Here we are with Candace Cameron Bure herself (aka DJ Tanner)

Mike is SLOWLY becoming accustom to Nascar! (this is at Atlanta Motor Speedway)

Mike and I hitting the bar...the Coca-Cola bar that is!!

She went a little CRAZY!!!

They had to cut us off!! We were sad!

Christy looking sweet!

Mike at his best!!

Mike ripped one at the Varsity!!!

Mike, Cymbre, Christy, and Mikey at the Varsity...can you say heartburn??

We toured the CNN center! Ted says hi!!


Christy said...

I miss you too!!!!! I miss ya'll so much!!!

Mike and Cymbre said...

After looking at the new pics, Angela Instant messaged me referring to the picture of Mike at the Varsity. Here's what she had to say! (She is going to school for speech and language pathology.) "I have determined based upon one of the pictures that Mike has adequate oral structures to support speech as well as significant soft palate movement...ha, ha...i just pulled my internet page up and the inside of Mike's mouth was staring at me...I was in the zone so I figured that I would let ya'll know that Mike's mouth is actually normal...large, but normal"


Mish said...

You guys are crazy! Looks like ya'll had fun though! :-)

Cory! said...

So...did Christy beat Mikey up at The Varsity?

Patrick said...

It's really cool to see pictures of you guys. My favorite picture is the one of Christy at the bar. :-D I'm glad you guys had a good time but I'm disappointed that Mike is getting into Nascar. I don't know that I'll ever understand that sport. haha. I hope to see you guys soon and you'll always be welcome in Galveston for a refreshing East Texas vacation! Talk to you guys soon.

Christy said...

lol corey! no i didn't beat him up at the varsity lol

Kate said...

What a fantastic visit! I can tell you guys had a blast, just from looking at the photos. I miss you guys like.....a Nascar driver misses Vegas! HA!! My 30th B-day party is tomorrow... I sure wish you were going to be here. It just won't be the same without you. I love you guys & I want you to know I AM SO PROUD OF YOU BOTH! Your hearts for God have given you strength millions of people never find. I love you! :oD

Christy said...