Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Thank you all so much for your comments! It is so great to hear from everyone back in West TX! plus, it's good to know that someone other than my parents, sis, and grandmothers read this! lol...Although I have to say that even if they were the only would be worth it! :) Anyway, things are going good here in ATL. We had a nice weekend lounging around the house. We rented a couple movies and locked ourselves in the Braves room...the Braves room is the room that was added on for Paul's son but once he moved out, it was converted into an extra TV room decorated in Braves stuff...pretty cozy! Anyway, Mike is still reading a lot but next week is his Fall Break. I'm sure he'll prob. read some then to stay up to speed and possibly get ahead but at least he won't have class on Monday! We are getting really excited about the Chris Tomlin thing Thursday night...I'll try to take pics for Kate! and i'm sure if I just mention your name, he'll get me backstage and all, right?? ;) ;) Well, I better get to bed! Love you all! Miss you all!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mike and Cymbre,
If you are wondering if anyone but family is reading your blog- it's official!Some Yankee is!(Lisa,your Nana's friend from CT)
Your Nana told me about your blog and I will try to read your updates whenever I can.
I am so exited about what God is doing in your life. He is awsome, isn't he??!!!He ALWAYS comes through and is faithful in ALL things....If God ever takes you to
CT...I would love to meet you all!
Love from Yankee country,