Friday, June 11, 2010

More pictures...

I don't remember if I shared this one last time but Ranston has rolled a few more times!! He traps himself on his playmat though...he's not a happy camper when that happens.

and...he's STANDING!! with help of course!
These are from VBS this week.

We met the youth at the bowling alley to say goodbye to our Belgian friend Max...again!! We traveled to Corpus to the airport that morning to see him off...BUT, he plane was delayed and rather than be stuck in Houston overnight, he returned to Beeville. It was great to say goodbye again!
While we were at the bowling alley, our friend Stacy snapped a few pics of Ranston.

As always, things have been hectic with us. Summer is here and that means youth stuff all the time!! We love it though!! Our mission trip is coming up and we are SOOOOOO excited! I'll make sure and give some details for those of you who want to pray for us during the week of the trip.

Ranston is changing and growing every day! He is such a little cutie and I never have to worry about not having someone to help by holding him or watching him! Last week we had 2 instances where I needed someone to watch him. All it took was a phone call...well, actually 2...and it was taken care of! One of our youth is helping me watch Samantha this summer so I hope to get to post a little more. Gina and I were discussing that the days I don't have Sam, I'm busy with something else...which means Gina and I haven't had our girl time lately. Tomorrow will give us a chance to catch up. And, both babies have appointments in the next weeks (Ranston next week and Samantha the next)...we try to plan on riding with each other when one has an appointment so we'll get to visit then. I can't believe they are getting so big! Ranston will be 4 months on Tuesday and Samantha will be 8 months on Saturday!! Time sure does fly!!

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