Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hello all!! I'm very sad that I've only posted once since Ranston turned 1 month...he'll be 2 months tomorrow! Time flies!! Ranston and I have been busy so I haven't had a lot of time to post...but I have been taking pictures. I'll put a few captions but I know he's going to wake up soon so I better take advantage of my few minutes.

Ranston in an outfit from his Lala. He wasn't excited about it. LOL
Ranston snoozing on his daddy
We were invited to spend Easter with friends and they have BEAUTIFUL wildflowers in their front yard. We snapped a few pictures!

Ranston and I ventured to West Texas for a week. The rest of the pictures are from our trip. He was a GREAT traveler!!! I'm glad too because we like to go, go, go!

We started by staying a night with Mike's grandparents.

with our friends Leslie and Conner (15 months old)
Aunt Christy
our friends Lindsey and her daughter Emily
meeting his great-great grandmother Molly. She was a hoot with him!
5 generations on my side of the family! Ranston, me, my dad (Pop), Grandmother, and Molly

Ranston and I with my cousin Sumer and her son Drake (9 months old)
The Helvey great grandkids
Me and Ranston, Sumer and Drake, Hunter and Rori
We tried to get a pic of Nana with all the greats but Rori ran off and Drake wasn't happy. We gave up quickly. :)

@ Cassidy's Sub Shop in Andrews...mmmmmm....
with Nana

with Bonnie and Shaun Swanson

with Papaw
with LaLa
I worked with these girls at First Methodist before moving to Beeville. It was so great to catch up with them before leaving town! We never imagined we'd all have boys 2 years after working together!!
Misty and Gatlyn, Jana and Alex, Me and Ranston
Ranston was sniffed by so many animals on this trip. Not including the cats, he was sniffed by:
and Frisbee
Check back soon for Ranston's 2 month picture. We go to the doctor tomorrow and I can't wait to see what his measurements are!

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Mish said...

Cymbre, you're such a great Mommy!! These pics are ALL great! I wish I still lived in MID so I could have seen Ranston, but I will meet him soon enough. :-)