Thursday, March 25, 2010

a day in the life of Ranston and Cymbre

Our little boy is over a month old!!

We have friends who took pictures of their son with a stuffed animal as he turned a month older to show his growth. We found the cutest dinosaur (for those of you who don't know, Mike likes dinosaurs!) and decided to do the same. I wish we had gotten the dinosaur when he was a newborn to show his first month growth...I can't wait to find out his measurements next week! He had a little trouble being propped up next to the dino but it looks like he is going in for a hug.

Well...we have somewhat settled into a routine and although I know it could change any minute, I couldn't be happier! :) Ranston is sleeping about 3-3.5 hours at a time at night. He sometimes goes 4-4.5 but usually stays around the 3 hour stretch. and that is fine with me! Getting a solid 3 hours at a time goes a LONG way! He eats about every 2-3 hours during the day...which I found out this morning he shouldn't be eating earlier than every 3 hours since he's on formula. Because of that he is having some problems digesting. The doctor's office wants me to give him water every 2 hours to help hydrate him and hopefully that will do the trick. Of course, I wanted to give him water as soon as I hung up but it hadn't even been an hour since he ate so I'll wait. :)
Ranston's first Sunday morning to attend church

Ranston went to morning church for the first time Sunday and did pretty good. He did start to get noisy during the sermon so Mike went out in the hall with him. Funny enough he ran into our friend Gina and her baby Samantha in the hall! There has been such a baby boom in our church and it is so fun to be a part of it. There have been 4 babies born since October and are several others that are under a year. I'm hoping to start a play group for the moms...the babies don't really care at this age but I think it would be good/fun for the moms to get together! Most of us are first time moms and it does help to have other moms to talk to about stuff. With Ranston being the youngest, at least the other moms have already experienced most of the stuff I'm going through.

LaLa and Grandpa (my mom and Craig) are coming this weekend!! We are excited to see them. They'll get here Saturday and leave Monday...short trip but I'll take what I can get. :) This will be Craig's first time to see Ranston so it will be fun.

He (Ranston) got to meet Angela last weekend when we met her in San Antonio for a few hours. She was on her way to meet friends for the weekend and thankfully we were already in San Antonio. We met Mike's grandparents there to help them purchase a computer. We are S
OOOOOOO excited that they have a new MAC and we'll be able to ichat with them and send them pictures/videos! They live outside of a small community and haven't always had high speed internet available so the internet was not something they used often. is now!!

I need to take advantage of Ranston snoozing in his swing and get a few things done!

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Hewittfolks said...

Hey, how are you adjusting to mommyhood? I love the idea of taking his picture with a stuffed animal every month! I heard of that idea a little late... oh well. :) He's adorable!