Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I was FINALLY able to attach these photos. I'm not sure what the problem was but I'm glad to get to share them!
Me and Vicki (she's in charge of all things Communications!)in our cart
Me, Jill (my boss' wife and the mother of 2 of our youth), and Heather (friend, neighbor, and co-worker) eating lunch.
Vicki and I met up with Mike and his team on a few holes. Only once was on purpose! I enjoyed getting to chat with him a little while waiting on the team in front of his to tee off!
The four behind-the-scenes ladies!
Heather, Jill, Me, and Vicki
Mike and I before he teed off on Hole #10
I couldn't quite fit into the golf shirt the other ladies had so I made up my own outfit! Good thing the colors were easy to match!


'Bout Me said... done good!! I like the outfit....;-)

Christy K said...

lol ok scariest picture i saw all behind the wheel of a golf

Mike and Cymbre said...

Thanks, Mish!

Enough with the golf cart jokes sister!! :)

Dad said...

Looks like ya'll were having comment about what Christy

Christy K said...

it's just to she opens it up for me so many

Sabrina said...

Looks like fun!! You look adorable! 26 weeks...not far now! I know everyone says this but once you get to 30 weeks it really does FLY by!!! Can't wait to meet him!