Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Random update!

I love long weekends!!
I hope you all had a great one!
Mike and I did some shopping this weekend--TWICE! Well, I guess only once can be considered shopping. I found some new maternity clothes on Saturday in Corpus and we spent Monday looking at baby stuff in San Antonio. I love that Mike wants to be involved in picking out things like strollers and car seats! We had a good time finding just the right thing for our little one!
OH--and I'm excited! I am beginning to look pregnant! No more feeling like I just look like I've packed on a few pounds! I found a few outfits that I will be able to wear for a while. The maternity store I visited has a thing you strap on that represents 3 more months of growth so you can make sure things will last as you grow! It was so fun to see myself with a baby belly! I can't wait!! I figured most of you who read this don't get to see me daily so here are pictures from Sunday.
(Molly--one of my Fall Hobby Lobby purchases is on the mantel in the first picture! I haven't pulled everything out yet but decided to stick that there for now!)
Okay--so for those of you who have visited us, you know I haven't had a curtain hung on my front door but have used a blanket instead (we needed our privacy). Well, I found a curtain rod that was purchased years ago and never used and a curtain that we only have one panel of (that's all we needed in Brownwood!) and therefore, can't use anywhere else in the house. I decided to put it up and see how it looks. I am planning to have the curtain hemmed or have something done to shorten it. It works for now and is MUCH better than the blanket! My mom will be so HAPPY!!

In honor of Fall, I found these cute fall sticky notes at Target!! Check out the dollar section at the front!

Last but not least, look at Rowdie!! He is peeing in the plant RIGHT NEXT TO the litter box!! Yes, the litter box was cleaned out so we aren't sure why he is using the plant!! But, this does explain why the plant has been dying despite our best efforts!! Now, I can say my thumb is just a dark, dark green...not quite black!


Molly Kate said...

yay!!! I can't wait for more updates on your little one! :) I love your fall decor too!

Feather Lynn said...

I love the pic of you all preggers!!!! You are glowing and it is a great look on you!!! Happy to hear that all is going well with Baby Bryant!!!!