Wednesday, September 02, 2009

New blogs to enjoy!

I HAVE to share this blog with you!! Vicki (my co-worker) attended a conference this weekend and was able to hear Kelly Stamp speak. She has a blog that has become way more popular than she imagined! I've been looking at her blog and am in love with it! She is a mom and has a wonderful story...she loves the Lord and shares her faith on her blog. She has also set up a blog specifically for prayer requests due to the overwhelming response to her blog. From her blog, I have found others that are set up by Christian moms. They network together and many them make different baby items that are adorable!! For example, Veronica hand crochets hats, Stephanie has super cute onesies with faith inspired sayings, and many more!!

As I get closer to motherhood, I am so excited to have these blogs to read and be encouraged!

(for anyone technically challenged, click on any of the bold words, and you'll be redirected to their blogs!)

Hope you enjoy!