Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I got a text from Mike early this morning as they were gathering to head out to their work sites. He said they had a really good church group time last night and that God was really breaking down some walls with a few of our youth! I am so excited to hear that things are happening. I had faith that they would but it is good to hear!

With Mike gone, I'm leading our youth time tonight! I haven't been the leader of a group in a while and am a little excited! Nikki-she helps us on Wednesday nights-and I will be sharing our Faith Stories with the youth. I'm very excited!! I decided to focus on the place they are at in their lives-teenage years! I always love getting to share how God transformed my life!! and...I'm excited to hear Nikki's story. I'm sure ours are polar opposites but I think that will be good. That will help the youth identify with either story.

Mike's picture is up on the World Changers site! It is mixed in with all the others from yesterday but if you'd like to take a look, the website is in the post below. His picture is in the group from July 28.

Hope everyone is having a FANTASTIC day and week!!

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